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Cheryl Lee is a professional makeup artist based in Hong Kong. She is also the founder of "MUAH Makeup" and had been collaborating with ILLUISM since 2016, as the official makeup artist for the team.


Cheryl found her interest in makeup and hair styling during college and had completed a few professional courses from "GLOW makeup academy by Janice Lam". She performed very well throughout the courses and had even won the second runner-up of the academy's internal makeup competition.


Except for her talents in makeup, Cheryl is also an outstanding fashion and costume designer. Her superior fashion sense induces her worked for "Fameglory", a famous styling company; "Ting Gong Studio", Helsinki fashion week finalist, a company based in Amsterdam; and "Box in White", a wedding dress company based in Argentina, as a designer.


Except for running her own business "MUAH Makeup", Cheryl currently also working in ILLUISM as a makeup artist and designer.


MUAH Makeup

by Cheryl



Favebook: MUAH makeup by cheryl

Instagram: muah_makeup_cheryl

Tel: +852 62872882


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