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Job title          // Tempus 2018 Wood Watch Collection

Client              // Tempus Wood Watches

Photographer // Garret Lai @ ILLUISM

Model             // Sia Gans

Art director    // Yikki Lam @ ILLUISM

Capture0102 copy.JPG
Capture0072 copy.JPG
Capture0112 copy.JPG
Capture0095 copy.JPG
Capture0126 copy.JPG
Capture0088 copy.JPG
DSC_1195 copy.JPG
DSC_1169 copy.JPG
DSC_1445 copy.JPG
DSC_1370 copy.JPG
DSC_1558 copy.JPG
DSC_1573 copy.JPG
DSC_1335 copy.JPG
DSC_1412 copy.JPG
DSC_1233 copy.JPG
DSC_1656 copy.JPG
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