Who YOU are determines what and how we shoot.

Wedding pictures, once in a lifetime, certainly deserve to have the best documentation to capture the moment wearing the beautiful wedding dress. ILLUISM wedding photography service, which abandons the tradition of the wedding photography, brings it, instead, to a whole new level. We are tired with the usual production mode of flowing work in the industry with same hairstyle, same clothing, same shooting angle and lighting, and even same poses. In this way, customers are only special because of their appearance in tons of pictures, just like a copy of other photos. We, on the contrary, attach great importance to the uniqueness of each photo.

We provide highly personalized services. The style, content, and plot etc., are all tailor-made based on the preferences, backgrounds and stories of customers. Even our albums’ are composed manually, rather than by computer template. Moreover, even wedding dresses can be tailor made and designed by our designers according to the consumers’ idea, serving them the truly unique and personalized wedding photography.

The professional flow of commercials production is also introduced to our wedding photography services. Each customer’s project is independently followed by assigned team members. We spend a great deal of time on the preliminary work, including styling, makeup design, art directing, properties preparation, site visits and shooting flow and proposal etc, in order to create the best images, and to provide customers with a lifetime unforgettable experience.